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Born and raised in San Antonio, TX it was apparent Aaron Lee would stand out with drive, determination and reluctance to get things accomplished. Aaron Lee was born to a middle class working family with a drive to want more Aaron Lee graduated high school at the age of 16. He then attended community college where he obtained the required degree in Criminal Justice to be able to join the Police Academy. Aaron Lee completed the Police Academy as the youngest to graduate at the age of 21. Always knowing he wanted more out of life Aaron Lee made a drastic decision and quit Law Enforcement at the age of 26. Aaron Lee went back to school where he obtained a degree in Music Theory. Aaron Lee taught music for a few years opening his own music school. With all the drive and determination, Aaron Lee still did not feel he was living up to his full potential. Aaron Lee bought his first home at the age of 21 and since had always had an interest in Real Estate. “I was young and bought my home right before the market crashed. I was unfairly informed about the home buying process and I was young. If I would have had better information I believe I would have made a better decision.” In 2014 Aaron Lee obtained his Real Estate License. The determination and drive in Aaron Lee was noticed by one of the top producing agents in San Antonio who was also the National Associations #1 top Latino Realtor of 2016. Aaron Lee learned everything he could from his mentor before leaving to pursue his own recognition in Real Estate. “Informing clients and educating them so that they make the best decisions possible when purchasing or selling Real Estate is why I do it” Aaron Lee.

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