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Hi, my name is Alvin Acosta and I am a Realtor® in and around the San Antonio, TX area. With a 10-year record of excellent customer service and a 7-year record in the Real Estate Industry, I’ve learned to develop an ear for what is important to you. Whether you are seeking to buy or sell a personal home or an investment residential property in or around the San Antonio, TX area, I would love to help you achieve your goals with my extensive experience in managing and negotiating contracts.

Since 2011, I’ve been helping fill the gap in between the haves and the have-nots in the real estate market. I’ve helped homeowners successfully sell what could not be sold without the need of a short sale, foreclosure, or high out-of-pocket closing costs. Meanwhile, I’ve helped others become homeowners when they believed they could never buy. Through it all, I’ve developed the skills, professionalism, knowledge and relationships required to help you become successful in your residential real estate transaction.

I take pride in my faith, my family, my friends and my work, and as I client I will take the same pride in serving you. I thrive at helping others become successful. I could not be more confident that by hiring me as your Realtor®, I will immediately be adding value to your real estate transaction. As a seller, I can help you save money your listing fees and provide you with suggestions on getting your home sold as quickly as you need it to be sold. As a buyer, I will not only help you achieve the purchase of your dream home, but I can guide you through attaining down payment assistance grants that will never need to be paid back, closing costs assistance, and even attaining a buyer rebate!  Whether you are new to real estate or an experienced real estate investor, I can help you!

Some of my other qualifications include:

-Fluent in Spanish

-REALTOR® certification

-BBA from UTSA


Call me today to find out more information on how I can help you achieve your real estate needs!

Alvin Acosta


Vortex Realty

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