Brenda Brock


Vortex Realty, LLC

2241 NW Military Hwy. Ste. 302

Brenda was born in San Antonio, Texas and raised on a 93 acreage farm in Seguin ( hard  work and  dedication has always been a way of life for her).  In her early teen’s she attended Highlands High School (graduated 1978) and acquired her first job at HEB.  During her employment she obtain experience in different departments, which lead to being promoted to Assistant Service Manager.

While working she was pursuing her nursing career , she chose this field because of her passion, zeal and dedication to helping others.  In 1980 she obtain her license from The Texas Board of Nursing. After exploring the numerous types of nursing, she chose to work in the field of Psychiatry, with and extensive work history of 32 years at San Antonio State Hospital ( were she retired). For the last 28 years, she has been purchasing and investing in Real Estate, including pre-own and new homes.  Her passion in helping others, along with her personal knowledge and past experience motivated her to become a Realtor.

Call Brenda and she will dedicated this same zeal and passion to work for you.