Lisa Marie Ruiz


Vortex Realty, LLC

2241 NW Military Hwy. Ste. 302

Lisa Marie Ruiz  has been working in the credit repair industry since January of 2001. Her hard work and desire to excel in the business allowed her to reach a management level in the office she worked for and then in March of 2003 she decided to open her own credit repair business. Lisa Marie took her real estate courses in 2007 but did not get licensed because of the real estate downfall. She worked diligently educating mortgage lenders while doing presentations to help them understand the process of reading a credit report and understanding what it takes to improve credit scores. She continued to dispute credit reports and help clients improve their scores to get financing. Lisa Marie worked side by side with new home communities, real estate agents, dealerships and all referrals that needed help improving their scores. She became well known for her hard work and in 2009 she moved her office to a location with a real estate broker that trained her and helped her grow in the business. While working with her business and training through assisting the real estate broker she also became fraud certified through the state for mortgage lending. In 2014 she decided it was time to get her real estate license and started taking courses she was lacking and in March of 2015 she proudly became a licensed agent and has been going strong ever since. Lisa Marie is an experienced licensed real estate agent and loves working in all areas.