Rebecca Ramirez


Vortex Realty, LLC

2241 NW Military Hwy. Ste. 302

Rebecca is a licensed agent whom specializes in sales. Her passion & drive to make the selling process stress-free & painless for her clients, is what sets her apart. With a background in Education, Real estate and sales of a combined 8+ years experience has made her connections with clients unique and skillfully planned. Rebecca’s targeted marketing strategies have proven to sell properties in a consistently smooth pace. She implements her success by the ability to use a combination of marketing techniques that incorporate digital, print & video platforms.

Rebecca’s passion to give back to the community is the driving force that keeps the successful community relations she creates throughout San Antonio. She spends a good portion of her time dedicated to serve the people of San Antonio. Rebecca is active in her community by sponsoring events for numerous school districts, small businesses, San Antonio Fire Dept. and serving the military community. Her background, as well as social skills has manifested her career with repeat business and referrals. These relationships have brought numerous opportunities to her and she is blessed for the connections she makes.

With the ever growing cities expansion she hopes to one day solve the affordable housing crisis.  She actively looks for programs or areas for growth within the city to help promote to these types of audiences.  She is hopeful that her skills and connections can help bring these needs to San Antonio.

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